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The purpose of this mission, "Assistance to project owners, contractors, architects, interior architects and/or decorators, designers", is to provide a graphic file to the consulted companies, specifying by drawing all the technical and aesthetic points for the costing of all the services necessary for the perfect completion of the project.


This mission must be based on the following essential elements:

  • A functional program to be submitted by the project owner or a professional programmer

  • A Concept drawn up by the designer and submitted in the form of drawings (3D, sketches, plans, elevations, etc.) as well as texts, videos and photo books, all of which are as explanatory as possible.

Before anything else, a preliminary meeting with the people involved in the project and a possible visit to the premises concerned (where they exist) are essential.

This should enable the scope of the project, its complexity and its context to be assessed.

Thanks to this, the needs of the team(s) in place will be identified and the mission defined.

For this mission, we will produce the following documents (non-exhaustive list to be detailed for each operation):

General plans:

  • Layout plans (to be provided by the designers)

  • Layout plans - type of partitions and/or linings and location by type + specific and typological details

  • False ceiling plans - type of grooves and location + details of cornices and location + curtain boxes and location + any other specific details for the treatment of hoppers, illuminated ceilings, skylights, etc...,

  • Architectural and decorative lighting layout plan either based on a lighting project or the designer's choices.

  • Air-conditioning principle plans with identification of the types of air distribution and recovery. With all the necessary cross-sections for identification.

  • Floor layout plans - identification of floor types and location + details of junctions, hatches, etc. and layout of expansion and separation joints.

  • Plans of the staircases in sections and elevations with all necessary details, layout, stringers, handrails, etc...

  • Layout of furniture and decorative accessories (FF&E).

  • Plan of the location of the finishes


Wall by wall elevations for each room for:

  • Layout of wall coverings, mouldings, cornices, panelling, skirting boards, embrasures, etc.

  • Layout of wall lights and other architectural and decorative lighting.

  • Layout of electrical fittings and equipment,

  • Location of finishes in elevation.



  • General cuttings on the building if necessary, allowing to locate the plumb lines and horizontal alignments

  • General cuts on the singular points


Plan, section and elevation views of all characteristic details of the project:

  • Principle details of the exterior joinery.

  • Principle details of the particular waterproofing points

  • Drawing of doors listed by type with acoustic and security quality, as well as all hardware.

  • Connections between materials on the floor and treatment of expansion joints or splits.

  • The different types of coves and cornices, luminous or not.

  • Types of wood or staff mouldings.

  • Details of the principle of fitting out specific structures such as:

    • Chimneys

    • Defensive grids

    • Wickets and fences

    • Railings

    • Shower cubicles

    • Sauna

    • Hammam

    • Swimming pool

    • Jacuzzi

    • Etc...

  • Cupboards and all other furnishings such as :

    • Dressing room

    • Kitchens and pantries

    • Vanity units

    • Buffets and dressers

    • Display cabinets

    • Etc...

Specific documents:

  • Door nomenclature

    • Hardware booklet

    • Lighting fixtures booklet

    • Finishing booklet

    • Directory of materials and finishes

    • List of electrical equipment

    • List of sanitary appliances and accessories

    • List of household appliances

The specific technical services (structure, fluids, currents, acoustics, safety, etc.) will be the subject of files produced by the various specialists required.

The file in question here will be the architectural synthesis and is essential for any QS –Cost Management mission.

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